David Williams Founder of the NLT Group

Our Mission!

The Nuclear Lab Technician’s (NLT) group aims to create a community of lab technicians from varying parts of the nuclear industry from all parts of the United Kingdom. The NLT group aims to strengthen the professional connections of its members, improve lab safety practices and create a network of lab technicians that they feel they can rely on.

We aspire to hold workshops and webinars to provide training into areas that current lab technicians may not have considered. Cooperative laboratory tours organised by the NLT group will give fellow lab technicians an idea of how other labs are run. In the future, the NLT group would like the participants of these tours to incorporate the best practices that they see from other labs into their own.

The NLT group also aims to host social events between its members – these will serve to strengthen the personal bond between the lab technicians through team-building exercises and workshops. This will allow members to put faces to names and foster professional social interactions.

The NLT’s end goal is to build a community for nuclear-based lab technicians where they can communicate freely with each other and help form a stronger working relationship between different nuclear labs within the United Kingdom.


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